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Freight Glossary

Freight Broker

Any person who sells transportation without actually providing it. An agent for truckload shipments, matching shippers with carriers.


Flatbed trucks are vehicles in which the trailer portion of the truck is a flat body or bed with no sides or roof to the trailer. Trucks of this type are considered ideal for transporting goods such as heavy equipment hauling and other large shipping loads.


Less-than-truckload is a service offered by many freight and trucking companies for businesses that only need a small shipment of goods delivered. In contrast, a full truckload or large shipment uses all available space in a tractor trailer. A less-than-truckload shipment is delivered with various other shipments and is usually not delivered directly to a destination as full truckloads are.

Shipping Container

A shipping container is a type of storage box used to load heavy equipment and dry goods for shipping purposes. Made out of steel, the shipping container is usually 20 or 40 feet (about 6 or 12 meters) long and 8 ½ feet (2.6 meters) high, with a pair of doors at one end and a wooden floor. A shipping container is the most inexpensive way of importing and exporting products in and out of the country.

Heavy Equipment Hauling

A piece of heavy equipment is generally designed specifically for one purpose, although some implements may be used in more than one capacity. Most heavy equipment uses hydraulic components, and today’s designs are becoming even more refined with advances in technology such as sophisticated electronics. Heavy equipment hauling is generally transported on flatbed trailers and are considered heavy loads or wide loads.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping has continued to be a very competitive market. However many freight shipping companies have gone under due to the economy. It is important when selecting a freight shipping company to not only be concerned about cost but the companies reputation.